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Masters of Cottage Industry: The Eugene Saturday Market

The Eugene Saturday Market is a treasure trove of Crazy Useful Things.

Crazy Useful Thing of the Day: Nutmeg

Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans)

Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) is a species of evergreen tree in the nutmeg (Myristicaceae) family, native to the Moluccas (formerly known as the Spice Islands) of Indonesia, but now widely cultivated throughout the tropical regions.  It is the best-known member of the Myristica genus, as… Continue Reading “Crazy Useful Thing of the Day: Nutmeg”

Crazy Useful Thing of the Day: Borax

Twenty mule team borax wagon

Borax (Sodium borate) is a white crystalline compound found in volcanic regions, and in arid regions on the bed of evaporated salt lakes.  The small town of Boron, in California, is home to the U. S. Borax Boron Mine, an enormous open-pit mine that… Continue Reading “Crazy Useful Thing of the Day: Borax”


Ailanthus silkmoth

If there are over 8000 species of insect known to be edible, why don’t we eat more bugs?

Master of Cottage Industry: Pacific Flake Sea Salt

Sea Salt Flakes

Pacific Flake Sea Salt is a salt harvestry located in a tiny corner of what was once a huge Louisiana Pacific pulp mill out on the Samoa Peninsula, just across Humboldt Bay from my hometown of Eureka, California.

Word of the Day: Coppice

Coppice in a field of colza

A coppice (also known as a copse) is a thicket of small trees and shrubs, typically those whose slender trunks and branches (or withies) are cut periodically for a variety of uses.  The word also refers to a tree’s ability to regrow shoots from… Continue Reading “Word of the Day: Coppice”