Welcome to the Crazy Useful catalog, and thanks for stopping by. Every book you see here is published by Crazy Useful, and can be purchased directly from us. Click on the title for more information on the book, and for purchasing information. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

The Crazy Useful Journals

The Crazy Useful Journal, Series (I – IV) is a set of journals that celebrate the natural world and its many useful and beautiful plants, animals, minerals (and others).

Crazy Useful Things

Have you ever wondered what gum arabic is? Have you ever asked yourself what in the world Europeans ate, before they were introduced to the corn, potatoes, beans, chocolate, coffee and vanilla of the Americas? Or why root beer is called “root beer”? Have you ever wondered how people survived before plastic, and what we…

The Walkthrough Principle Workbook

If you had to replace the objects in your home through cottage industry, could you? This little workbook offers a fun way to reimagine the objects that you own.

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