Eugene Saturday Market

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting my brother in Eugene, Oregon, and was lucky enough to have the chance to once again visit Eugene’s spectacular Saturday Market. I was a regular at the market when my husband and I lived in Eugene briefly about five years ago, and I was especially happy to see some of the same vendors that I knew and loved from that time.

I went to the market with my seven-year-old son and my standing shopping list of items we need for the house: and, I have to say, I really scored. Here’s me showing off my loot, along with the vendor information (should you want to score some loot of your own).

And just so you know, I’m using each and every one of these items just about every day. They are truly crazy useful things.

Handmade Ceramic Soap Dish

Handmade Ceramic Soap Dish

by Bob Haley of Applegate Pottery (Corvallis, OR)

Handmade Wooden Cutting Board

Handmade Wooden Cutting Board

by Bruce Ramsey (Eugene, OR)

Handmade Wooden Cooking Spoon

Handmade Wooden (Black Walnut) Cooking Spoon

by Eldridge Baucum of El’s Quarter Saw Woodworking (Eugene, OR)

Seam Ripper with Hand-Turned Wooden Handle

Seam Ripper with Hand-Turned Wooden Handle

by Mark “Rudi” Rudolph of Wooden Apple Woodturning (Eugene, OR)

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