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Crazy Useful Thing of the Day: Amaranth

The amaranth (Amaranthaceae) family encompasses a surprising and diverse number of useful plants that you see everyday, but probably would never guess are this closely related. For example: Beets (Beta vulgaris) The beet is presumed to have originated in the region around the Mediterranean,… Continue Reading “Crazy Useful Thing of the Day: Amaranth”

Masters of Cottage Industry: The Eugene Saturday Market

The Eugene Saturday Market is a treasure trove of Crazy Useful Things.


Ailanthus silkmoth

If there are over 8000 species of insect known to be edible, why don’t we eat more bugs?

Word of the Day: Yelm

Thatched roof cottage, Germany

“Yelming” is part of the thatcher’s trade: to yelm is to prepare the gathered straw, sorting it by size, laying it out flat, and in some techniques, dampening it with water. According to James Arnold in his amazing book The Shell Book of Country… Continue Reading “Word of the Day: Yelm”


Wax stoma with wax crystals

How much wax does the average American eat in one year?