"Yelming" is part of the thatcher's trade: to yelm is to prepare the gathered straw, sorting it by size, laying it out flat, and in some techniques, dampening it with water.


For a word you've probably never heard of before, it has a surprisingly diverse number of meanings -- from wagon wheels to boats to jets, and even mining.


Have you ever read a Jane Austin novel, and wondered what a "copse" is, exactly? I thought I knew -- and it turns out, I was wrong.


Though you will not see a working bloomery today, it's worthwhile to stop a moment, and reflect on its beautiful and world-changing ingenuity.


One of the many mysteries of the bee world, propolis is the fascinating product of beehive alchemy. But what, exactly, does it do?


I think "Ashlar" would be a great name for a fantasy hero -- especially given the properties that a good ashlar should have.


It's kind of eye-opening to realize just how many English surnames are connected to vocations related to sheep, and wool. Makes you think that it kinda musta been important.

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