The Crazy Useful Journals: I-IV

Crazy Useful Journal 2, cover by Ernst Haeckel

The Crazy Useful Journal, Series (I – IV) I is a set of journals that celebrate the natural world and its many useful and beautiful plants, animals, minerals (and others).  Each journal includes illustrated information about 60 different natural resources, drawn from Crazy Useful Things: A Dictionary of Natural Resources and Their Products. These are also a practical daily journals with space for To-Do Lists, appointments, daily notes and weather observations. I hope these journals will spark a desire to look at the world around you more closely, and with great appreciation for the bounty of the natural world, and the ingenuity of people (from antiquity to the present) who have found ways to make the best use of these incredibly valuable resources, for the benefit of us all.

All of the journals are available on Amazon (click the image caption to go to the Amazon page).

The Crazy Useful Journal I
The Crazy Useful Journal II
The Crazy Useful Journal III
The Crazy Useful Journal IV


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