"Yelming" is part of the thatcher's trade: to yelm is to prepare the gathered straw, sorting it by size, laying it out flat, and in some techniques, dampening it with water.


For a word you've probably never heard of before, it has a surprisingly diverse number of meanings -- from wagon wheels to boats to jets, and even mining.

Hori Hori

This 13th-century gardening tool is still made in Japan, its country of origin. But the Japanese aren't the only ones who understand its value.


How many people do you know with the surname of "Collier"? At least a few, I'd guess. And now you can know something about the sooty origins of the name, that even most owners don't know.


Have you ever read a Jane Austin novel, and wondered what a "copse" is, exactly? I thought I knew -- and it turns out, I was wrong.


Though you will not see a working bloomery today, it's worthwhile to stop a moment, and reflect on its beautiful and world-changing ingenuity.


One of the many mysteries of the bee world, propolis is the fascinating product of beehive alchemy. But what, exactly, does it do?


I think "Ashlar" would be a great name for a fantasy hero -- especially given the properties that a good ashlar should have.

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